Terra Soul follows the story of Ayla Beyz, a 15 year old girl living in the town of Colorado Springs. Ayla thinks she's just a comic-book geek with photophobia until the day a space fold opens in her living room. Her father drags her through to an alien world. Her birthplace. Karanik.

For the first time in her life Ayla can see without pain. She's home. She's where she belongs.

There are just a few problems:

Her dad accidentally dragged Justin, another comic-geek whose been crushing on her all summer, through to Karanik with them.

Her long lost sister, Eren, thinks she's some sort of messiah, and hates her for it.

Her grandmother, Matron Beyz, the powerful and intimidating head of the clan, wants to control her every move in hopes of forming Ayla into a leader like herself.

Finally, Ayla learns that a race of soul-drinking aliens that have infested Karanik have some how reached Earth. Now it's up to her to return and save a world that was never her's to begin with.