Ayla thinks she's just an average comic book geek living in the growing town of Colorado Springs. Okay, maybe she's not quite average. She's 6'2" and growing and she's just 15. She's from some foreign country she can't remember and that her father never want's to talk about. She's also got photophobia, a disorder that makes any light painful to look at, so she has to wear sunglasses all the time. Couple that with her, long sharp face and unruly, almost white hair and you've got a perfect formula for a geeky weirdo.

But Ayla doesn't mind. In fact, she'd be the first to admit her real passion is comics. Reading, not drawing. She has no artistic talent what so ever. She loves Spiderman, Batgirl, Runaways, Avengers, Nova, Captain Marvel, and the Guardian's of the Galaxy, pretty much anyone plucky, just and colorful.

Normally, she's pretty quiet but she doesn't have a problem standing up for herself and others.


Ayla's little sister couldn't be more different from her. Even at 13 she's not much smaller than Ayla but there the similarities stop. She's straight up cute and knows it, playing it to her advantage, dying her hair bright colors and wearing clothes most others couldn't without looking silly. She has a gaggle of friends at school but her lack of all the latest everything keeps her on the periphery.

Corala's passion is music in every form. She has eclectic tastes, savoring everything from the latest pop to indie bands and folk music. She's been saving up her allowance for the past few years in hopes of paying for guitar lessons which, in her wildest dreams, will spark her music career.

Despite all her "shallow" trimmings Corala, is fiercely loyal, brave and intelligent.


A fellow comic book geek, Justin has been crushing on Ayla all summer. The middle son of an engineer and a surgeon, he is intelligent and quiet, though he's begun to break out of his "shy" phase. At sixteen, he's just got his license and the coolest Ironman themed car a nerd could ask for. He plans on studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Colorado upon graduation.

With deep hispanic roots on his monther's side, he values family, both immediate and extended. With deep Air Force roots on his father's side and Army roots on his mother's, he also values duty and patriotism.

Justin is casual, sarcastic, smart and friendly and above all courageous, willing to sacrifice himself to help others.